Cyprus Citizenship for Entire Family

Cyprus Citizenship for Entire Family

Cyprus Citizenship for Entire Family

In March 2014 the government changed the legislation that enables foreign investors to become a Cypriot (EU) citizen and obtain a Cypriot passport through naturalisation, making it more accessible and affordable than ever.

Citizenship is obtained for the entire family, including dependent children up to age 28! There are two citizenship schemes available, one for a single luxury purchase and the other for multiple units, as detailed below:

1. €2million investment in a single luxury property - applicable for applications before 01.06.2014. Following this date a €2.5M investment is required.

2. €2million investment in multiple real estate units + €500,000 permanent residence - applicable for applications until 01.06.2014. Following this date, the required investment will be increased to €2.5M + €500,000. In addition to a low investment threshold the Cyprus program also offers some of the simplest application criteria and conditions, and citizenship is obtained almost immediately!

i. To maintain the citizenship, the investor must always keep a real estate property of minimum value €500,000 which will be declared as his permanent residence. The remaining investment may be sold after 3 years.
ii. Any property purchased during the past three years will count towards the above mentioned investment figures.

In such cases the purchaser must acquire additional real estate to reach the total required investment. However, a three year period must not have passed before the application submission.

iii. Applicants must hold a clear criminal record from the country of origin and or Cyprus

iv. Applicants will be part of a collective real estate purchase scheme.


- Passports will be issued within a period of three months
- Passports will be issued to the investor, their spouse and dependent children up to age 28, provided they are in full-time education Cyprus allows dual citizenship
- Cypriot citizens enjoy the freedom to live, work and travel throughout Europe, thus opening up business and trade opportunities within the EU
- Cypriot passport holders are entitled to travel visa-free to more than 140 countries
- Cypriot passport holders can quickly and cost effectively obtain visas for other countries, such as the USA
- Cyprus has no inheritance tax, has a highly favourable corporate tax structure and a comprehensive double tax treaty network
- There are no physical residency requirements
- Citizenship is passed on by descent, thus offering a legacy to future generations
- Cyprus offers a great place to visit/live, it enjoys a strategic geographical position, offers excellent worldwide connections, has excellent infrastructure, a pleasant climate and is highly stable