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Cyprus Property Price Index Q2 2014

Cyprus Property Price Index Q2 2014 by RICS Cyprus Introduction & Commentary During the second quarter of 2014 the Cyprus economy showed some signs of stability, with the economy’s performance being better than expected at the end of 2013 and Cyprus tourism outperforming forecasts. Unemployment remained at a historical high level, stabilised at ca 17-18%, further decreases in salaries were recorded, and discussions were ongoing regarding privatisations of state owned enterprises, the revised Immovable Property Tax in Cyprus, and the foreclosure bill. Given prevailing economic cond... Подробнее

Cyprus Residential Property Index Q2 2014 by Central Bank of Cyprus

Cyprus Residential Property Index 2014 Q2 by Central Bank of Cyprus The rate of decrease of residential property prices in Cyprus decelarated during the second quarter of 2014 The Cyprus residential property price index (houses and apartments) recorded a quarterly decrease of 2,0% during the second quarter of 2014, the smallest decline since March 2013 events. House prices in Cyprus recorded a lower rate of decline for all districts compared to the previous quarter. The same trend was observed for apartment prices, with the exemption of Famagusta and Paphos. Despite the negative trend of... Подробнее

Cyprus Oil and Gas Update

Cyprus Oil and Gas Update & Conclusions Cyprus’ effort to develop its oil and gas reserves has met with significant headwinds thanks to technical issues, internal weaknesses and geopolitical risks. On the technical side, the relatively slow rate of exploratory drilling by oil majors reflects uncertainty in natural gas development in the eastern Mediterranean and the global energy market. The rise of US shale gas and the impending commissioning of massive natural gas projects in Australia leads many observers to forecast declining natural gas prices. Given the risks in the east... Подробнее

Cyprus Property Sales Increase

Property sales in Cyprus continue to increase  In August 2014, Cyprus property sales went up for the sixth consecutive month compared to August last year. The number of Cyprus sales contracts that were deposited at Land Registry offices across Cyprus reached 355. In August last year, there were only 266 such contracts. In percentage terms, it was a substantial increase of 25.9%. Property sales in Limassol increased by 122.8%, in Larnaca-by 35%, in Famagusta-by 8.7%, while in Nicosia and Paphos they dropped by 13.1% and 10.6% respectively. The number of properties sold in the January t... Подробнее